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About our Business

Entry written by Robyn Scorer (Owner)

Edited by Alysha Scorer (4/5/18)

Dear Reader - Welcome to our website! 


At Alanza and Abanza pets we have the Philosophy of ‘how they would be in the wild.’ We try to support our wonderful animal Mum’s and Dad’s in as natural a way as possible with amazing and unique results. I feel very humble and fortunate to be able to present my wonderful cats to you. We are offer pet and show quality Balinese, Siamese, and Oriental kittens.


All kittens are raised under foot in our home; we believe all pets should be acclimatised to the pros and cons of having wonderful owners. We also believe in a lot of toys and investigative play. Having a varied diet, toilet training, learning to live with other species and household noise/fuss is very important to the socialisation of all our babies, as well as knowing basic manners.


Adding a new member to your family is a huge investment. They will expect your love, time, care and devotion for the length of their lives. You also need to factor in the council cost, vet care, toys, bedding and food requirements (to name a few) of the cost involved in raising a pet. If you work full time, please consider having more than one animal as they can keep each other company, and keep each other busy when you are not around. They will bond with each other and entertain each other.

All our babies are fed a mixture of Royal Canin products, fresh meat (chicken necks, roo, beef, to name a few - essentially a large variety of different foods), homemade fresh meat cat food (my own recipe) and raw bones.


At Abanza & Alanza we do require you to place a non refundable deposit once you have decided to purchase a kitten with us. Whilst this deposit is mostly to secure your pet for you; it also helps with food cost, vet care, worming, vaccinations, micro-chipping and other associated costs.


Our kitten parents love our home made pet toys and we are going to branch out into cat and dog toys and dried pet treats. So watch for more information.


DISCLAIMER** We, at Abanza & Alanza pets have had experiences from bad purchasers, and as such, we reserve the right not to sell to any home that we find unsuitable for any reason. No questions asked; as they will not be answered. 

Unless a deposit is put down for your Chosen pet, Alanza & Abanza pets will not put any animal “on hold." All our babies will be expecting the best from you so if you are not genuine, do not purchase from us.

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