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Disclaimer**: Even though we at Alanza and Abanza pets no longer breed Boxer puppies; we have decided to continue to include sites relevant to dogs and Boxers.

Important websites to check out

These are some great websites available dedicated to helping you with advice for anything puppy or kitten. These are a few that we truly believe in and recommend. We fully encourage you to do your research before purchasing from us.

Cesar Millan host of the ‘Dog Whisper,' series on Fox. The website has a large number of dog training and ‘dog, how to tips’ available on his website.​
Jackson Galaxy hosts a program on Fox called ‘My Cat from Hell.' He shows people what is important to their cat for a well behaved, good mannered, and well socialised family member.

We love Royal Canin products and have found great results with the health and well being of all our animals while using their products. Royal Canin also has a great web link with lots of fantastic information. All our babies come with Royal Canin kitten packs.

If the reason you are purchasing a new member of you family is because you have suffered a death to your animal family.

Pet Memorial have some wonderful keepsake products available.

If you are considering pet insurance for your fur baby (as you definitely should): Petplan has a great website to help you to fully understand all things pet insurance.

We prefer to sell to all our kittens as inside pets.

Catmax has some wonderfully interesting products at affordable prices to allow some safe outside time.

We love Phuds grains and it is one of our ingredients in our homemade dog food.

Additional information:

We believe all animals should be desexed and micro-chipped. In particular, those with allergies should consider desexing as soon as possible, as hormones can play a part in triggering allergies. We also make sure all of our kittens are micro-chipped before being sent to their new homes.

The National Desexing Network (NDN) referral service is designed for pet owners who are in/have financial difficulties. Their web site is worth a look, you may find your local council has a similar service in your area.



Backyard breeders don’t have the cost or responsibilities of a registered breeder. You also get what you pay for in a new family member. A registered breeder can discuss with you the temperament and type typical of the breed (as we are a small breeder we also have the benefit of watching our babies grow up; so we know exactly what they are like). A good quality well brought up pet/show quality family member deserves the best from you, and you from it. If you cannot afford such a luxury and are considering a backyard breeder, please contact the RSPCA in your state. You will then be assured of temperament.


  • Beware of Scammers

There are individuals on Facebook, twitter and such claiming to be broke and they need your help to buy their animal pets or themselves food, bedding, housing etc. This is a scam. Please report them to Only give to reputable charities. If these people are genuine: reputable charities throughout Australia have access to the many resources that can help them.

  • Breeders check list

Good breeders have cost which is reflected in the price of your potential new family member/pet.  We do worming, veterinarian checks, vaccinations and micro-chipping.  Belong to the relevant clubs and registered with our local council and abide to the high standard that is set for breeders for the care and comfort of our breeding stock.  We also have to buy new stock to ensure the quality and characteristics of the breed we specialise in.  We buy the best food available and recommend a good and healthy diet amongst other things in our Pet packs.

Abanza Boxers and Alanza Cats we also have extra cost for all the photos and videos we do and I am sure you all enjoy them it is also a visual reminder of how healthy and well developed our babies are not all breeders have our set up as we are all individual.  My recommendation.  If buying from a breeder in another state or not local to you.  Get their Veterinarians name and contact details and call the clinic to ensure.


1. The animal is alive and well.

2. Is there any problems with the baby or health issues that could be a concern to you!

3. Would they recommend the breeder?


Not all breeders are the same.  Make sure you are paying for the breed you want and the extras you expect.


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