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Boy found his forever home.


Our beautiful Balinese boy found his forever Human Dad today. Dad, seems to be as nice and layback as his Amazing little boy. Mum, seem really nice as well. The girls are waiting for their forever parents. Human Dad asked, 'Why? We still had them'. I had to admit, I am a little fussy. My little chargers have never had a bad word or had a hard day since they were born.

I have had enquries and some people are looking but timing isn't quite right for them. One of our little girls had parents who's, Body Corparate, said, 'NO'. I have had people with young children who were a little rough with them. Someone, even wanted a pension discount.

I have had people wanting to breed and not understanding the cost of breeding correctly.

Cats especially aren't cheap to Breed. You need space, suitable crates/pens and all the other things you need for breeding. Find a great Vet that you trust and know. Join a fantastic club and really try and get to know other members. Working with other breeders is really important, breeding is a home business and can be isolating.

Learn as much as you can about the Ins and Outs of mating, pregnacy, birthing, raising little ones and looking after Mum. (With Dogs it is great, CCCQ requires you to do a little course, before you are allowed to breed.)

If you want to breed, you really need to think about and realise it isn't all fun (Birthing is messy, baby animals are like human toddlers they poo and wee everywhere until their little bodies mature.).

Thats all before you start aquiring your desexed males, breeding Queens and Stud.

Then you have to allow for some of your kitten/ puppy parents to not get along as everyone has hormones and can be moody. I try to keep everyone with their little groups and rotate them all into the house. They all expect a cuddle and play everyday.

Breeding is a huge responsiblity and All Good Breeders work hard, spend alot, to care and raise everyone of their little charges.

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