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Tail Docing.

Recently, I heard about one of our past puppies, splitting her tail and after a year of complications had to get her tail doc. Krystal also has had her tail doc due to a break in her tail an injury she had from birth. Turning over time into a very painful condition that need to be doc. I have spoken to Registered Veterinarians and they are finding docing operation more common for all the relevent breeds, since the laws have been put in place.

Boxers and some other breeds are very excitable and prone to breaking their tails or splitting their tails due to hitting something hard.

Tail docing in Australia got out lawed because a few people/breeders were docing tails at home and not by a Registered Veterinarian. Most breeders went to their favourite Veterinarian to have the procedure done. This was all before the age of Microchip.

I have contacted my Local State Member about the need to revist this issue. We now have Microchip. It is easy to proven that a pup/dog has been doc by a Registered Veterinarian and not by a back yard breeder.

My issue: Owners are allowed to put fake balls on our male or female animals. Breeders (backyard or registered) are allowed to clip dew claws off at home (Abanza Boxers only goes through our wonderful Vet as he shaves the bone to ensure the dew claw doesn't grow back.). We now microchip our pets.

Please everyone consider writing to your local State Members about this issue and have them review the law.

That Docing be allowed either by a Registered Veterinarian at 5 days by the breeder or at 6 months by the Owner. A tattoo could be put in the ear just like they do for desex animals to prove the opperation was provided by a Registered Veterinarian. Microchip information will also highlight the details of Owner and Registered Veterinarian.

Docing isn't about beauty or a look it is about preventing a very painful injury.

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