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Allergies and Me.

I have mentioned on the Website that I have Cat amongst the many things I have allergies to. Most people with Cat allergies have loads of other types of allergies.

They could be Certain Strong Smells (Smoke ect), Insects, Vegetation (Grasses and pollens ect.), Dust, Food, Medication the list goes on.

My best advice for anybody with allergies is get tested. You then can armed yourself with the best information to help you and your family.

I believe 'Total Avoidance,' of things you are allergic to, isn't a good thing (Ask your specialist for more advice.). Sometimes, you can be allergic to a product but you are not allergic to all the ingredients. Why avoid the ingredients you aren't allergic to. Find a new product that doesn't cause a problem.

Same can be said about chosing your new pet. All my clients know, I give heaps of tips for allergy sufferers.

Some of my symptoms: Red eye, Face swelling, Throat swelling, Mucus in lungs, a Bad Cough that sounds like Mr ED the talking horse laughing, Chest pain and General Pain.

Why, do I then breed. I love animals, being outside and living life. My allergies to me are a hick up. I ask myself this question. Do I want to be a victim of my allergies and whinge and whine about life and what I can or can't do. Or be proactive and just learn to live around them.

There is always someone in the world with a worst type of allergy, then you have. They also are very informed and keep their medication close and trying to live life to the fullest.

Be inspired.

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