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Don't buy cheap.

I have just heard a very sad story. One of my wonderful new puppy parents had just lost his boxer to cancer. His story is that he had brought a boxer puppy cheap from a cheap breeder a few years ago. Thinking he had a great deal, he took his wonderful baby home. Within two days, he found his new found baby had Parvo. The breeder, didn't think it was his/her problem and wouldn't return money he paid to help pay for vet fees for the pup in question. It cost him a further $1700.00 in Vet fees to save his puppies life. His puppy died aged 5 years due to cancer.

Please people, chose a breeder that feeds really good food, to puppies, puppy Mum and Dad. Don't go cheap as you will not have a puppy for long and the long term vet bills will hurt your pocket.

I may not be the cheapest but I don't break Boxers or our cats they are all spoilt as they should be. Think about the cost to a good breeder, GST, Council Fees, CCCQ fees/QFA, Vet fees, food cost, housing cost and upgrading living standards are what you are paying for. A cheap breeder isn't paying a lot of these cost involved in breeding quality, well adjusted babies and doing the right thing.

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